Vietnam Fair

The show held in Vietnam attracted a lot of famous groups, such as Youngone Vietnam, Song Hong Garment JSC, Vietsun Corp, Palace Industry & so forth. We had deep conversations with the experts in the industry, exchanged ideas & offered ideas for solutions to the problems existing in the real practice of the garment production. The automation which is the symbal of industrial 4.0 is highly recognized by the visitors. The fully automatic down filling machines, the fully automatic fabric spreaders & all other automatic products which were made under the spirit of Automation 4.0 received popular feedbacks from people in this industry. The apparel business is faced with fierce competition, it needs new inventions which can reduce the labors & greatly improve the working efficiency to update their production. The down filling machine/ down jacket filling machine / ball fiber filling machine / polyester fiber filling machine/ filling machine for goose & duck down has the following features:

Fully automatic & easy-operated. As long as the data is input into the program, the machine will work automatically to get the results that you require.

High speed . For a machine with two working platforms, it can satisfy the production of 300—600 pieces of down jackets per day.

High weighing accuracy. The highest accuracy could reach 0.03g in practice.

Environment-friendly. The machine helps to keep the environment clean, which is a very important compliance for the large customers.

For the fabric spreaders, as part of the representative of automation, they are highly efficient. Without much efforts of labor-work, the machine can spread the fabrics perfectly. The fabrics will be spread flatly & layers will be compiled vertically. The error is controlled within 0.5cm, which can save a lot of fabrics. The highest speed is around 85 meters per minute. It can cover an apartment with the size of 136 square meters (2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms) if the width of the fabric is 1.6meters. You can imagine how fast the speed is like.


Good things prevail the trials of people’s observation & time. If you are in the apparel business, if you ever want to update your production, if you want a different experience, just come to visit XIDO machines’ factories. We will provide you with great products combined with great experience.

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