The Wonderful Invention of Down Jacket Filling Machine

This is a wonderful invention for the down jacket production which gives the apparel industry a great prompt for its fast growth. The traditional manual work makes an okay jacket, but the newly updated production makes a wonderful jacket. The manual way of filling takes a lot of manpower, so the scene of a line of workers weighing the materials, a line of workers filling the material into the bags, a line of workers seal the chambers is very common in the down jacket production factories. It is not only of low efficiency, but also not very accurate at all. The weight of the down in the chambers varied which makes a bumpy jacket, which is not even. So, the quality of the down jacket doesn’t seem to be good. The invention of the fully automatic down filling machine totally changed the working scene in the factory. Only two people, they operate on the machine, after inputting all the data into the PLC-controlled system, the machine works automatically. It calculates automatically, then fills the right amount of down into the jackets. Then the parts of the down jackets are moved to the sewing line inside the filling room, and the parts of the jacket are sewn into one, a jacket is made. This highly improves the working efficiency and the quality of the jackets. This new production method is a new fad in the apparel business, which gives light to the future of this industry.

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