S C R - 2 P - 8 G

  • down filling machineHighly efficient. 1-8 seconds for per filling. The 4-Scale system is applied. The cycling weighing pattern enables the continuous down filling.
  • down filling machineHigh air pressure is used to absorb the down into the machine, without damaging the material, well maintaining the original softness, elasticity and texture.

 down filling machineHigh stability. All the key parts are imported from the best suppliers abroad.

  • down filling machineHigh quantitative accuracy. 0.03g can be reached, the quantitative error is controlled within a certain range, reducing the waste of material, saving material and money.

down filling machineLarge data memory. It can save up to 10,000 data in total. It enables both single weight of down filling & multi-weight of down filling.


down filling machineEnvironment-friendly. All the working processes are happening in a sealed environment, which prevents the down from flying everywhere in the air, keeping the environment clean.



 Labor-saving and easy-operated. A machine is operated by one worker, which can satisfy the needs of 1-3             assembly lines. PLC-Controlled programs equipment the machine with a high degree of automation. By       simply inputting the data on the touch screen, the machine will work automatically to get the results you want.