New Filling Machine Users

  New machine users are the fundamental sources for our development. They contribute to the development of our market & it keeps giving us the strength to work better.To enlarge the business is something that we will have to do constantly. This is something that we will want to do. We just had several machines shipped to southeastern Asia countries and India, my technician was invited to conduct the machine installation and training in those areas. The factories in Southeastern Asia countries are doing the high fashion brands like Prada , Buberry & so forth. While the factory in India is doing brands like Gap, Puma, and so forth. These factories have fairly large production capacity.

     The factories in Cambodia & Malaysia have a long history of down production, they were using certain down filling machines, which were manual function. However, their accuracy & speed are no good, one of them can’t even work since the day the machine was installed. The technician went there to try to fix the problems before, somehow, he failed and the machine was just situated there and became a waste, it not only wasted a lot of money & time, but affected the production a lot, which is no good to the production. To the contrary, my machines work fairly well, they work not only fast, but accurately, and well satisfy their production needs.

      The machines in India are for polyfilled jacket production. Before using the machine , they were using the manual method, which had neither efficiency nor accuracy. It takes complicated steps to finish a jacket production. First of all, it costs a lot of labor, secondly, it takes a lot of time. However with the machine, it only takes simple steps for the jacket production. You upload the materials inside, you set the correspondent data on the touch screen, you give a step on the pedal switch, then the whole jacket making processes are finished. Compared to the manual method, the machine possess the following advantages

  1. Efficient & labor-saving
  2. High accuracy
  3. High speed.
  4. Simplified. No skilled workers are needed.

     Imagine that you have a very urgent order, while your skilled workers are sick and cant go to work, which will greatly affect your production. If the production cant be finished during the lead time, you will have to pay the penal sum, and you might lose the partners working with you , which will lead to great losses for your company.

    With the machine, as it is controlled by artificial intelligence, and it can work 7/24, and no skilled workers are needed, so the operator can be replaced at any time, which will minimize the chances of the losses caused by no operator in the position.

    If you are thinking of updating your production , put the machines in your priority.

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