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  1. We have a requirement for Ball poly fibre filling for jackets. Please give us capacity and cost of the product.(Automatic weighing down & feather jacket filling machine SCR-2P-6G)

  2. Hi Larissa, we have spoken before and now with the new sewing lines that we are using please contact me, as I am interested in getting a price on your down filling equipment, the machine is a low gram machine, max 20 grams,
    I have had difficulty receiving your e-mail in the past, please send directly to my e-mail

    Thank you Craig

  3. Hello Larissaluo

    I am Mr. Emon from Bangladesh & my company name is Nipa Group . Actually we are jkt manufacture & we want to make down fill jkt unit .
    so send us the machine information & also price .so we can co-operate in future .

    Best Regards


    1. Dear Mr. Emon,

      Thanks for your inquiry.
      Currently, we have 4 main types of down filling machines.
      SCR-1P, Single-port filling machine, with 2-scale weighing system, the highest accuracy of 0.1g.
      SCR-1P-3G, Single-port filling machine, with 3-scale weighing system, the highest accuracy of 0.03g
      SCR-2P, Dual-port filling machine, with 2-scale weighing systems, the highest accuracy of 0.1g
      SCR-2P-6G, Dual-port filling machine, with 3-scale weighing systems, the highest accuracy of 0.03g.

      For detailed information, will send you via email.

      Thanks & Best Regards,

      1. Hi Larissa

        Noted your opinion with thanks But if you send me you initial price to my mail , so that i can send this to my top management .

        Do you have any office in Bangladesh .

        Best regards


        1. Hi there !

          Detailed information has been sent to you via email.

          May i know when you plan to start your production & how large the monthly capacity will be ?

          Thanks & Best Regards,

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