XIDO Fully Automatic Down Filling Machine



        XIDO is the subsidiary company of Zhiyuan Technology Corporation, which is a public listing

company dedicated to the garment solutions. It specializes in factory planning, garment techniques

service, garment equipment manufacturing, sewing machine table manufacturing, garment

equipment sourcing, and so forth.

         As the garment equipment manufacturing factory of Zhiyuan Technology corporation , XIDO

specializes in the R&D of down jacket filling machines & fabric spreaders. We are embedded in the

belief that the achievements of an organization are the results of the combined efforts of each

individual. So we value every worker contributing to the development of this company. Starting with

a humble beginning, through decades of hard work, we have become the leading enterprise that’s

capable of providing the customers in the garment industry with high-quality products & good after-

sale service.

Facts about XIDO Machines That You Must Know